Panipuri Bandi

Why PPB fans page
To start with, There are 03 types of companies which exist.

1. Make and Deliver

These companies make the products first and than they are delivered to the customers. In most cases products are loved by the customers. Products are built on customer research and mostly on intuition like Apple.

2. Ask and Deliver

These companies make the products by asking customers what they want.
Products are built on customer needs and customer research like Xiaomi.

3. Build products blindly assuming the products will sell

These companies make the products without asking anyone and without proper customer research or market reasearch. Which are most likely to fail

If you observe the commonness in the above 3versions, products are build by any means but there reach and success lies in the hands of the customers.

Thus, PPB or Pani puri bandi wants to be the 4th company or say the next generation company.
which works alongside its fans in building a niche product in the food segment space.
How PPB Fans page works :
Log in into the forum There are three sections
1. Trending questions.
2. Trending polls.
3. Trending topics (This month topic & To be addresses ASAP)
Join the fans page, work along side and pave the way for the next gen company
End of each month, fans will be rewarded and results & outcomes shared.